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Essentials Face Modeling

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Facemodeling is scalpel-free technique Essentials skin clinic is the first place in Ireland offering this treatment.

About the treatment:

  • boost blood supply to nourish the skin and flush toxins away
  • instant lift result
  • gets rid off double chin
  • tone and firm muscles prevent sagging, droopy skin
  • diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • anti-stress effect experience
  • eliminates spasms and blockages in the face
  • restores muscles tone and elasticity
  • Facemodeling has ability to sculpt/reshape the contour of the face.

Facemodeling includes

  • internal (buccal) and external massage
  • aesthetic taping (kinesiotape)
  • face cupping
  • osteopathic method
  • and few more secrets

Unique facial rejuvenation treatment features Agnes’s own sculpting and contouring techniques to lift and firm your skin. She use deeply penetrating techniques of muscular manipulation to relax.

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