Dry & Dehydrated Skin

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What’s the causes?
Dry and dehydrated skin can be an uncomfortable condition with symptoms of tightness, itching, flakiness and sensitivity. Dry, itchy skin can have many causes, PH imbalances, ageing and lifestyle factors all need to be taken into consideration. Excessive exposure to environmental elements like wind, rain, sunlight and cold may add to the severity of your dry skin. The negative effects of medication can also be a contributing factor.

With Dry/ Dehydrated skin treatment can be quite complexed. Again taking into consideration the contributory factors of the condition our Professional Skin therapists would put a plan in place to help with the problem at hand, be it, uneven skin texture or an impaired skin barrier. And advice on homecare that will help the condition.

Tips and Tricks to help along the way…

  • Try use hypoallergenic products
  • Avoid using abrasive exfoliator’s
  • Always use a high SPF on the skin
  • Use Perfume free product to avoid irritation when can

Treatments We Offer

LED Phototherapy


Dermalogica Pro 60 Face Treatment


Facial Peel


JanMarini Enzyme


Hydradermie Youth