10 Reasons Why Facemodeling Beats Invasive Procedures Every Time

Oct 7, 2021

New Facial treatment Facemodeling by essentials

It’s time to say goodbye to the frozen-faced look and say hello to fresh, rejuvenated skin. Beauty experts are moving away from Botox, fillers, and the scalpel, and embracing safe, non-invasive treatments in their mission to keep clients looking young. These days, we all want a more natural, youthful, radiant appearance, without the side effects that invasive treatments bring.

Introducing Facemodeling, a non-invasive treatment that sculpts and reshapes the surface of the face. No need for needles: this treatment involves a unique facial rejuvenation and features our facial expert’s sculpting and contouring techniques to lift and firm the skin.

Let’s look at the top 10 reasons why Facemodeling trumps invasive procedures, time and time again.

  1. It’s safe: Facemodeling is a safe, scalpel-free way to stay looking young.
  1. It keeps muscles toned and strong: Facemodeling uses deeply penetrating techniques of muscular manipulation to restore muscle tone and elasticity. When muscles are toned and tightened, this prevents sagging and drooping skin. It’s all about keeping the face moving to create healthy skin. Hey, it even diminishes the dreaded double chin.
  1. It’s instant: Facemodeling gives you an instant, undeniable, lift result. Clients are amazed at the results they can see straight away in the mirror.
  1. It’s expert: Our skin and facial specialist Agnes Gajewskais has 20 years’ experience. As a  Facemodeling expert, she was the first in Ireland to offer this treatment. She completed one-to-one training with Facemodeling founder, Aneta Hregorawicz-Gorlo. Agnes has trained in various advanced face massage techniques and created Face Yoga by Agnes. This treatment is aimed to meet your individual skin concerns and natural contours and tightens skin while increasing circulation.
  1. It flushes toxins: Much of the treatment involves lymphatic drainage, so Agnes applies aesthetic tape to facilitate the drainage of unwanted toxins. The treatment also works wonders with sinus congestion.
  1. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles: One thing our clients say that they notice as they age is fine lines and wrinkles. Facemodeling is the answer to these concerns since it noticeably diminishes the appearances of these tell-tale lines. Part of the treatment involves face aesthetic taping, our surgery-free innovative method that helps with smoothing out wrinkles and face swelling.
  1. It’s relaxing: One of the benefits of facial massage is that it’s an instant relaxer since it encourages the release of endorphins. Clients love how the technique relieves stresses and tensions. It’s an anti-stress experience that you’ll love. It’s insane how much micro-tension we can hold in our faces without even realizing it! Get familiar with your face, get your Facemodeling treatment.
  1. It’s effective: Our clients love the fantastic results they get with Facemodeling, because they achieve a firmer jawline. As Agnes says: “the results blew me and my clients away.”
  1. It boosts circulation: The treatment boosts blood supply, which nourishes the skin by delivering more oxygen and nutrients. The end result is skin that has a certain healthy, noticeable glow.
  1. It eliminates spasms and blockages: The internal (buccal) and external massage techniques concentrate on the lower muscles of the face. This technique can eliminate blockages and muscle spasms.


How does it work?

Agnes is Ireland’s leading facialist, and she uses the following Facemodeling techniques: neck and shoulder examination with body cupping, Internal (buccal) and external massage, aesthetic taping (kinesiotape), facial cupping, osteopathic method, deeply penetrating techniques of muscular manipulation. Oh, and a few more top-secret methods.

Time to face an effective alternative to invasive procedures

No wonder Facemodeling is in demand. We love to meet clients who have travelled from all over Ireland to receive this treatment, as well as hearing how happy they are with the results. You can learn more about Facemodeling from our feature on the TV show Xposé, Image magazine, The Irish Times newspaper, The Independent newspaper, VIP magazine, Luxury Lifestyle magazine, The Gloss Magazine, Professional Beauty HJ magazine, and more. Agnes offers some words of wisdom: “Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment.”

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